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The 100-year Incubation Project

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Like many people, we are appalled at the bare minimum level of attributed contributions of Africa to advancements in different spheres of life. To be more direct, we are witnesses of a lack of any meaningful organized contributions to the advancement of mankind at a time when phenomenal growth is seen in the digital economy, remarkable breakthroughs in technology and scientific progressions. The surge of developments in Block-chain technology (crypto-currencies), Biotechnology, Artificial intelligence and eve gene technology continues with or without our contributions.

Our major concern here is that we seem to be continually losing grounds in the age when access to resources for developing groundbreaking innovations are leveling the playing grounds. Space technology is pushing boundaries into distant planets, free open sourced software and programs are recreating how humans will interact with life and the ecosystem in the next 50 years. Unfortunately, in this same age, Africa is fully buried under political upheavals and a primeval battle of grasslands and the herdsmen.

The 100-year Incubation Project:

This is created to be a fully functional, forward leaning and terrain-less incubation platform. A graduated approach tailored towards training and monitoring identified children of different age groups across pockets of communities. Training is geared towards computer coding and software development skills acquisition. Every group admitted into the program from diverse communities and nationalities in Africa will be monitored, supported and mentored along the program direction for 5 years. Specialized support will be offered to every participant through internship programs which will be procured when needed. At the end of the fifth year, first set of students are released from the program to pursue their education and careers in life.

Beyond the technology training programs, we will be supporting education programs and startup communities across the continent. The goal is to incubate ideas, incubate new thinkers, incubate new scientists, new mathematicians and engineers, incubate new entrepreneurs, lifelong learners and visionaries able to create works that will span generations.

We hope to engage children and young people in our societies focusing all their energies on learning and building new products, technological innovations, creating ‘originals’ in the arts. We will build a platform consisting of the largest free database of resources (technology, education and the Arts) that facilitates learning, networking and sharing of ideas within any ecosystem. Build “The 100-year Inc Project” in modules and clusters of people and systems. Connect the modules from one city to the next, partnering with non-profit organizations, leaders in the private sectors and local governments. Finally share the model and templates free for any group or organization willing to replicate such projects. In a hundred years or less, we shall be truly free if we do not waiver or cut back.

The 100-year Incubation Project – 2020 Goals

· Train 120 Children (Ages 7-12) introductory coding in Lagos, Ibadan and Monrovia.

· Buy and supply 40 Laptops to local partners for training

· Create access to computer resources locally

· Monitor training and progress.

· Raise money to support Malawi Orphanage

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